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Magnacor Mfg. | Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy
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Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy


Thank you for purchasing a Magnacor Mfg. product. We are committed to 100% American manufacturing and engineering products that exceed customer expectations for quality products and service excellence. We stand behind the quality of our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For returns, please see Magnacor Mfg. Return Policy page.

Magnacor Mfg. Limited Lifetime WarrantyThe Magnacor Mfg. branded products covered by this warranty are warranted to the original owner against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship of the product. Products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty are covered as long as the original purchaser owns the product, and for discontinued products the Limited Lifetime Warranty will be limited to three (3) years from the end of sale date. The warranty will immediately become void if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

If you discover a material or manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair the item at our discretion and in accordance with local law and our current warranty claims process. Warranty claims MUST be accompanied by an acceptable proof of purchase from an authorized Magnacor Mfg. retailer. Purchases from an unauthorized retailer will not be considered or processed.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover normal wear, abuse, misuse, neglect, accidents, mishandling, unauthorized repair or modification in design or function which would ultimately render the limited lifetime warranty void. If a product is damaged during shipping or transport, you should report such damage to the operator or carrier, as this damage is not covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty. We cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or cost resulting from the use or loss of our products.

NOTE: The general wear and tear, including but not limited to, the breakdown of colors (finish) and materials over time, are not considered a material or manufacturing defect and is not covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We will NOT honor fake or fraudulent warranty claims and reserve the right to reject any warranty claims which we suspect, in our sole discretion, to be fraudulent.

How To Make a Limited Lifetime Warranty Claim:

To make a claim, do NOT return your Magnacor Mfg. product to our authorized retailer. Retailers are not authorized to provide service under this warranty. Instead, complete the online submission form and send it to us with a copy of your purchase receipt to support@magnacormfg.com and request a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (“RMA Number”).


  1. Write the RMA Number in a visible place on the outside of the package.
  2. Enclose a Valid Proof of Purchase and the reason for the return inside the package.
  3. Send the Product with RMA Number and Valid Proof of Purchase to the Magnacor Mfg. support address provided by Magnacor Mfg. customer support.

We encourage you to send your Magnacor Mfg. product by a prepaid and traceable method (such as USPS Priority Mail, DHL, Fed Ex or UPS), as Magnacor Mfg. is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages. Any expense claimed under this Limited Lifetime Warranty will be borne by the person making the claim (including any shipping and handling charges in returning the product to Magnacor Mfg., as well as any applicable customs, duties or taxes in relation to the claim). If the product is properly returned under the terms of this Limited Lifetime Warranty, Magnacor Mfg. will be responsible for postage expenses for shipping the product back to you (but not any U.S. customs charges, duties, or taxes). You are responsible for ensuring that the product is properly packaged and will bear the full risk of loss or damage for any product that is returned improperly packaged. Risk of loss or damage in the returned product only passes to Magnacor Mfg. when the product is received by us and we shall not be responsible for items lost in transit to us. In the event that the procedure herein is not followed, Magnacor Mfg. reserves the right to accept the delivery of the product on such terms that it may determine at its sole discretion.

Returns Not Covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Magnacor Mfg. will NOT process any claims that do not meet the requirements of this Limited Lifetime Warranty, including, but not limited to, a returned product that:

  • lacks a valid RMA Number.
  • Does not have a valid Proof of Purchase enclosed.
  • does not have a defect covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

What is a Valid Proof of Purchase?

For any Limited Lifetime Warranty claim to be processed, a valid Proof of Purchase is required. A valid Proof of Purchase is defined as one of the following:

  • A dated sales receipt from an authorized Magnacor Mfg. Dealer or Retailer. The receipt must show the Product description and price.
  • A dated official e-mail from an authorized on line Magnacor Mfg. Dealer or Retailer confirming purchase and shipment of Product. The confirmation e-mail must show the Product description and price.
  • An order number from the Magnacormfg.com web site.

Some examples of a non-valid Proof of Purchase include:

  • The UPC bar code from the box.
  • A picture of the actual Product.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Receipts from non-authorized Magnacor Mfg. Dealers.
  • Receipts from any online auction sites, liquidators or clearance houses.
  • A receipt or order number from any vendor other than Magnacormfg.com.
  • Cancelled checks.
  • Credit card statements.

Magnacor Mfg. reserves the right to take any action to protect itself against all forms of suspicious claims, including, without limitation, requiring further verification of identity and details of claimant and qualifying purchases as well as debarment of claim.

What if I don’t have a Proof of Purchase?

If you purchased directly from Magnacormfg.com, we may have a record of your purchase and can locate it for you. Just let us know the order number. If you do not have the order number we may be able to locate it using your name, address and e-mail address.

If you purchased from an Magnacor Mfg. dealer or retailer, contact the dealer or retailer and see if they can provide a copy of your receipt. They will often have your purchase history on file and will be able to supply a copy of the receipt for you.

If the product was purchased online, be sure to check your e-mail history, including spam folder. The dealer or retailer should have sent you a confirmation page showing that the product has been shipped to you.

If the product was a gift we suggest you ask the purchaser to provide you with a receipt. You may also ask them if they could handle the Limited Lifetime Warranty process for you if asking for the receipt is not appropriate.

Why does Magnacor Mfg. require a valid Proof of Purchase?

Magnacor Mfg. must confirm that the product falls within the applicable Limited Lifetime Warranty period. We also need to verify that the product was purchased from an authorized dealer or retailer of Magnacor Mfg. products.

Products purchased from non authorized dealers are often used, counterfeit, re-boxed, defective or gray market goods. These units may also not be designed and packaged to work in your country and may not meet all legal and safety requirements. Magnacor Mfg. will not be able to honor a Limited Lifetime Warranty on products not purchased from an authorized dealer or retailer. If you have purchased the product from an unauthorized dealer, all support and Limited Lifetime Warranty issues should be directed to that dealer.

Magnacor Mfg. has these policies in place to protect our valued customers, dealers, and retailers.

What happens if a product is discontinued?

Per Magnacor Mfg. Limited Lifetime Warranty, if the defective product is discontinued, end of life, or out of stock, Magnacor Mfg. will replace it with a newer model, or we will refund the purchase price of the unit, less a reasonable usage charge. Product warranty periods do not renew with replacement units. The original purchase date and warranty period will apply to replacement products.

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