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Magnacor Mfg. actions toward a sustainable future

At Magnacor Mfg., our commitment is to be the partner of our customers, clients and distributers in their journeys toward sustainability. Being sustainable doesn’t just mean helping the environment; it means doing what’s right for people, too. We’re committed to preserving peoples’ dignity, advancing the communities in which our influence is felt, and ensuring these values are shared across the industries of which we’re a part.

Our promise to future generations: we will be part of the solution, taking urgent actions to co-create a brighter future for everyone, everywhere. A future where access to new strategic approaches that not only address environmental demands, but also position organizations for future growth are basic human rights.

The message is clear: sustainable manufacturing strategies are no longer optional in today’s increasingly eco-conscious world. Whatever perspective you take, economic, competitive, compliance, reputational, or environmental, sustainability is rapidly becoming an industrial imperative for the future of manufacturing on a local, national, and global scale.

We understand sustainable manufacturing is the process of producing manufactured goods through the use of eco-friendly practices and materials that aim to reduce harmful impacts to the environment while conserving energy and protecting our natural resources. This also enhances employee, community and product safety.

Our overall goal of sustainable manufacturing is to obtain a view of the whole product cycle and optimize the lifecycle of manufacturing systems, products and services. Sustainable manufacturing not only generates more sustainable products, the manufacturing processes will also become more sustainable, which increases a company’s total, social and environmental, benefits.

What are we doing?

  1. Sustainable manufacturing
    Optimize processes that minimize negative environmental impacts; conserve energy and natural resources.
  2. Optimization of production processes and techniques
    Optimize production methods and operations by continuously improving performance. Production quality control, fewer production steps. Manufacturing innovations like IOT, automatization, 3D print. Lower production and labor costs and greater efficiency.
  3. Increased energy efficiency
    Low/clean/renewable energy consumption. Minimize energy use in production.
  4. Producing less pollution, emission and waste
    Lower waste disposal costs. Cleaner and safer working environment.
  5. Industrial symbioses
    Industrial symbiosis emulate sustainable natural cycles in industrial networks, where all discarded materials from one are resources for others to use. “Industry 4.0” production systems prototyping new manufacturing setup.

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