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Product Testing & Verification

Magnacor Mfg. Product Testing & Verification Service

Magnacor Mfg. uses advanced engineering tools and product testing to design products and ensure that they meet performance goals.

Aerospace components must demonstrate the ability to pass load, shock, vibration and thermal tests. Bicycles have a front fork load tests. Chairs must be capable of withstanding certain side loads. Every product has a particular operating environment and appropriate test standard. We can design these product tests and organize their execution in real world environments utilizing local organizations with the necessary measurement equipment. Working with your staff we can coordinate the resources to ensure the hardware tested conforms to the production standard and that the test was performed to the standard. Lastly, we will compare the test results to the analytical prediction to ensure everything is as expected and if not why. All documented in either a presentation or formal report.

Why Product Testing & Verification?

  • Ensure your products meet with marketing claims
  • Maintain consistent quality in your manufacturing process
  • Prove product feasibility with proof of concept testing
  • Provide evidence for meeting safety requirements
  • Gain an understanding for your products cycle lifespan
  • Learn how your product responds to repeated use
  • Verify that your design is on the right path.

Quality Assurance Product Testing

Mass production has significantly reduced the price of goods, however in order to ensure that all of your products meet with marketed claims its critical to have a quality assurance product testing system in place. This typically involves randomly sampling and testing individual products from a production run to obtain representative sample. In order to assist with streamlining this process we design testing jigs that check a product’s performance capabilities and specifications.

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