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Top Ten Lean Manufacturing Tools

Top Ten Lean Manufacturing Tools

Lean manufacturing is the use of Lean principles and tools in developing and manufacturing physical products. Lots of manufacturers are applying Lean manufacturing principles and tools to optimize processes, obviate waste, advance innovation, and cut down time to market. Lean manufacturing consists of five fundamental principles: defining value by specific product, identifying each product’s value […]

Importance of Cities in America’s Rural Economies

Importance of Cities in United States Rural Economies

The 2018 midterm elections affirmed the deep geographic divides within the United States are here to stay. As they did in 2016, Americans living in rural areas overwhelmingly backed Republican candidates, fueled in part by the sense that the American economy is leaving them behind.

Manufacturing Economics | Magnacor Mfg.

Manufacturing Economics

There is more to manufacturing economics than one might think. It goes beyond the production assembly lines, automation and conveyor belts moving materials around the factory. This article will show you the business side of manufacturing and the respective strategy that is usually employed by manufacturers. In this article, you’ll have a close look at […]

Theory of Constraints | Magnacor Mfg.

Contrasting Theory of Constraints and Lean Manufacturing

There are a number of constraints that affect manufacturing processes in every industry. These constraints are often referred to as bottlenecks, and they could be in any form, ranging from physical or policies or even marketplace conditions. This article will examine and contrast two major perspectives to handling constraints in manufacturing operations – the Theory […]

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