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Forensic Engineering

The application of engineering principles and science used in the investigation of failures.

The field of forensic engineering is often best described as failure investigation. It is the application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures or other performance problems involving the failure of a material, machine, or a component.

Understanding ‘what went wrong’ and what didn’t perform to engineering expectations is at the backbone of what drives better designs, reliable operations and safer products. 

Product Development

Developing Innovative Solutions

Product development at Magnacor Mfg. is a disciplined process that’s integral to our daily operation. Powered by creativity and a passion for problem solving, we design and develop large parts, complex designs, aesthetic finishes, structural performance, and sustainable materials. Not only do we work closely with our customers and clients to engineer and manufacture their designs, we also design, manufacture, and market our own products.

Product Testing & Verification Service

Design Validation is a process of evaluating the product for the exact requirements of end-users. The purpose of design validation is to test the product after development to ensure that it meets the requirements in terms of applications in the user’s environment.

Validation is concerned with demonstrating the consistency and completeness of design with respect to the user needs. This is the stage where we actually build a version of the product and validate it against the user requirements.


At Magnacor Mfg., our commitment is to be the partner of our customers, clients and distributers in their journeys toward sustainability. Being sustainable doesn’t just mean helping the environment; it means doing what’s right for people, too.

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Companies that respect human rights are sending a signal to consumers, investors, and the public at large that they are a brand that is trustworthy and serious about sustainability. Beyond managing risk, businesses that proactively invest in human rights can contribute to a peaceful society and help create the conditions for inclusive prosperity.

Laura Fitzgerald

No society can shift overnight to a thriving economy in a world characterized by climate change, biological resource constraints, and phased-out fossil fuels. No country, no city, no company can rebuild, retrofit, or repurpose its infrastructure instantaneously. Clearly, those who plan ahead and prepare themselves stand a far better chance to thrive than those who keep investing in the obsolete resource-intensive economy. 

Kevin Walsh

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